Safety at Work
Office Safety Hazards: Avoiding the Top 5 Injuries

Compared to a construction site or a manufacturing facility, your office might seem like a risk-free environment; but is it as safe as it looks? According to government statistics, the answer is no. Your office is hiding a range of office safety hazards, from trips and slips to back problems and RSI

The 3 Key Benefits To Using an Ergonomic Chair

We've all heard the term 'ergonomics,' both in the context of the workplace and at home. A surprising range of objects - everything from keyboards to electric kettles and can-openers - are marketed as 'ergonomic products.'

How to Prevent Injuries in the Workplace

Today's hyper-competitive, volatile business environment requires companies to do increasingly more with fewer resources, human and otherwise. Cutting costs at every turn has become more important to your company's success (if not its actual survival) than ever.

Ergonomics Definition & Preventing Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders

When the physical requirements of a job and the physical capacity of the worker don't align, then musculoskeletal disorders can occur.

Personal Protective Equipment
Footwear An Important Role in Injury prevention

As part of a safety culture, it is always important that all of the necessary tools and equipment must be made available to all employees. Proper safety-related footwear is an example of the equipment that sometimes often forget.