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Construction Housekeeping Checklist

05 Jun 2020 - Flaaim

A construction site can be a place full of dangers. Using a construction housekeeping checklist will help you reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace. Good housekeeping habits are one of the best ways to prevent certain accidents and illnesses from occurring while working on a construction site. Having a construction housekeeping list is a great way to remember all of the cleaning task that need to be accomplished everyday.

Best Checklist For Construction Housekeeping

Construction Housekeeping Checklist This is a list of the most common task that should be on all construction housekeeping checklist. House keeping is every person’s responsibility at any job.

  1. Sweep up any dirt or wood dust that is on the floors. It should be done at least once a day but more if the floors are covered.
  2. Put all equipment away when they are not in use.
  3. Keep all walkways clear of wire,cords,tools and materials that could become a tripping hazard.
  4. Keep materials such as wood in neat piles. They should not be stacked to high or they could become a falling hazard.
  5. Throw away all trash. All construction sites should have a dumpster. All garbage and debris should be picked up and cleared way each night.
  6. Clean up all spills and put out a wet floor sign to warn others that they could slip on the wet floor.
  7. All restrooms should be cleaned on a daily basis. A dirty restroom can spread disease and illness.
  8. Secure all lose materials. This will prevent them from falling or blowing on to the floor.
  9. Properly dispose of rags that have been used to clean up oil, gasoline and other flammables.

This construction housekeeping checklist will help keep a record of cleaning task that need to be done each day. If you have any construction housekeeping tips that you use at work please share them with us all.

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