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Personal Protective Equipment in Garment Industry

24 Jul 2020 - Flaaim

Garment industry is a niche specializing in the manufacturing of items of clothing. The manufacturing sector in the garment industry is linked to the emission of toxic gases, such as sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxides. These gases are emitted by systems, such as thermo pack, diesel generators, and boilers in the industry. Therefore, it’s a great idea to wear the right personal protective equipment. Air pollution in the garment industry can lead to respiratory complications in the long run. Prevention is better than cure; therefore, it’s important to invest in the right PPE. The best personal protective clothing should have the ability to prevent the occurrence of accidents, especially in hazardous areas.

It’s important to properly wear your personal protective clothing. The main reason behind this is to improve the suitability of the working condition. Garment industries should give their workers quality protective equipment and garments because they help in improving production. The quality of protective equipment plays a significant role in enhancing the efficiency of undertaken tasks. This is essential because it helps the firm to attain its main obligation. The main objective of any business is to maximize profit while minimizing the cost of production. The best PPE will cause not only workplace injury but also long term/short term health problems. Below are the benefits of personal protective clothing in the garment industry Personal Protective Equipment in Garment Industry

Benefits of Personal Protective Equipment in Garment Industry

1. Lower the risk of Respiratory Problems

Inhalation of gases, smoke, and chemicals can impact your respiratory negatively. These contaminants are toxic; therefore, they can lead to short term and long term respiratory-related illnesses. A worker should be fully equipped with hearing protection, eye protection, and flame resistant gears. These protective garments will prevent health issues, such as irritation and breathing difficulties. You should use respirators in incidences where there’s insufficient ventilation.

2. Prevent Injuries from Corrosives

If you’re dealing with chemicals, it’s a great and safe idea to wear full personal protective clothing. Concentrated chemicals are corrosive and harmful. Therefore, dangerous chemicals can impact your skin or eyes when there’s a spillage or leaking. Double-check your protective gear to ensure that you’re fully protected. Chemical spillage can lead to long term health impacts, thus reducing your production. Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in the right protective clothing.

3. Protects your Body from Extreme Cold and Heat

Working on a conducive environment is essential. Therefore, the right protective garment will enhance workers comfort and safety, even in dangerous and uncomfortable situations. There are a variety of protective gears that will protect you from extreme heat and cold. When working on sectors with extreme heat, it’s advisable to use multiple layers of PPE. Use wicking materials to improve your warmth in cold environments.

4. Prevent Critical Injuries

Use the right head protection garment, body protection clothing, and footwear when accessing hazardous areas. Head helmets and boots are the best examples of head and foot protective gears. Injuries are prone in the garment industry. Therefore, it’s a great idea to wear suitable protective gear.


You should thoroughly clean your garment and store it in a safe and secure place. This is essential because it prevents cross-contamination, which can lead to health problems. Note that protective gears should be cleaned regularly to improve your hygiene in working environments.

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