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Personal protective equipment for lifeguards

31 Jul 2020 - Flaaim

Many people love swimming with friends and loved ones on the beaches and pools during their leisure time. Sometimes accidents such as drowning and injuries occur when the swimmers are in the pool or at a beach. Therefore, lifeguards are essential in areas where various water activities occur because they help to save lives when things go out of control.

Sometimes people assume that any person can save a life if an unexpected incident however, this assumption is not correct since you need to seek help from an expert to save a life. This is because expert lifeguards are well equipped with swimming skills, techniques, and first aid knowledge. Also, they have physical strength, and this enables the lifeguard to handle any person who might be drowning effectively.

Personal protective equipment for lifeguards

However, lifeguards cannot be able to save lives if they do not have personal protective equipment. In case a lifeguard decides to save a life when he or she is not equipped with appropriate protective equipment attires, the lifeguard will be risking, leading to loss of lives. Therefore as a lifeguard, you should ensure to observe all safety measures, and the wearing of personal protective equipment is one of these measures. Here is the personal protective equipment for lifeguards:

1.Pocket face mask

The pocket face mask is also known as the CPR mask. This mask is used by the lifeguards to help a person who is experiencing cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is the heart pumping failure that makes a person become unconscious and lack blood flow in the body. The lifeguard places the pocket mask on the victim’s mouth and gives the kiss of life, which helps the victim improve the breathing process. The CPR mask is essential since it prevents the transmission of diseases.


The backboard is also referred to as the spine board. It is used by the lifeguards to lift a victim from the pool in case an individual encounters a neck, spinal, or head injury. This board is essential since it helps a person to keep his or her back alleviated.

3.Rescue tube

Rescue tube is also called the rescue buoy. The rescue buoy is floating equipment, and it is used by a lifeguard to give support to a victim. This tube is made of buoyant material, and this enables it to support the weight of the victim and lifeguard.

4.Life jacket

A life jacket or the personal flotation device is worn by the lifeguards, and it helps them to float in the water. Therefore, with the life jacket, a lifeguard cannot drown when he or she has this jacket; hence it will be easy to save lives.

5.Ring buoys

Ring buoys are personal protective equipment tubes that are designed like a red ring. They are buoyant and this helps a lifeguard to float on the water. In case an emergency occurs, the lifeguard throws the ring buoys to a victim, and it prevents a person from drowning.

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