Radiology Personal Protective Equipment

07 Aug 2020 - Flaaim
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Radiologists are medics that are specialized in diagnosing and even treating injuries with the usage of multiple radiology procedures like X-rays, computerized tom0graphies, ultrasounds, and even handle some nuclear medicine. Sine radiologists are always in touch with dangerous equipment that could cause some injuries and other problems to the human body and part of the skin, it’s recommended to wear some protection or PPE that will get the j0b done in terms of security and protection the user from dangers such as infections, exposure to radioactivity and also ionizing radiation, but what kind of personal protective equipment is required in the radiology field? Let’s discover it in the next explanation.

Radiology Personal Protective Equipment:

Radiology Personal Protective Equipment

Most dangerous occupations or professions need some security measures in their work environment to avoid accidents that could damage the company’s image in the public point of view, so, in the case of radiologists, they have two different categories of this wonderful equipment that could save the workers’ life, so let’s begin with the physical protection category which is the most recognized one since it the one that will be visible to everyone.

Physical Protection for Radiologists:

This category will be focused on protecting the skin of the human body by wearing some piece of protection that will cover the possible zone in which most accidents occur during radiology treatments. This equipment can be applied or used in different locations such as the hands, face, nose, mouth, and even on the lower part of our body. With that being said, it’s pretty obvious that gloves will be required to protect the most important part of workers and medics, their hands which can be exposed to dangerous chemicals that could provoke some serious injuries that will affect their performance during any treatment or procedure.

Be Careful with the Face:

Next, the face will be protected with some special glasses that were designed to protect the eys against any dangerous chemical compound that could reach our eyes in smaller quantities without us getting any notice about this danger, and if it’s not treated or prevented, some serious problems could happen in the future. After that, it’s important to use face shields or masks to protect everything else like our nose and mouth, even in easy or serious parts of the radiology treatments, the professional will interact with equipment that can leave some radiation in the environment, and while it will be a little amount, it will be better to cover every part of our body to avoid getting poisoned.

Protection Against Ionizing Radiation:

One of the worst problems that radiologists have to face in their work is the ionizing radioactive which is the one that produces more serious sickness and injuries in the medics around the world, so, to avoid getting poisoned with such dangerous chemical compound, it will be a good idea using some thyroid shields with lead aprons and also use some protection like personal radiation dosimeters to calculate the amount of radiation that is on the environment to know how to deal with the problem.

Remember that wearing and combining both categories of PPE will develop a better and safer working environment, which means that medics and patients will be free of any infection or injury, it will be better to follow the security measures in every moment!

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