Why is Personal protective equipment for restaurants essential?

13 Aug 2020 - Flaaim
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It is critical to note that providing your team with proper restaurant equipment and other supplier gears are essential in ensuring their safety and wellbeing while on the workplace. To be more specific, restaurant and hotel employees are at a higher risk in their working places due to regular interaction with different work equipment and people. This requires them to have high-quality PPE (personal protective equipment) which reduces such risk of injury as well as keeping them protected from possible potential hazards. Some of the most common injuries experienced by restaurant employees in busy commercial kitchens include the following but not limited to cuts, burns and sprains.

Which are some of the best restaurant PPE that can help safeguard your staff from unnecessarily injury while working?


They are available in various types and each suitable for a particular task. They include.

Cut-resistant gloves

These types of gloves are made from unique and robust materials that cautions the worker’s skin from accidental cuts while using sharp knives.

Dishwashing gloves

They help protect the worker’s hands from abrasive chemicals and also from hot water during cleaning using sanitizers and soaps.

Freezer gloves

They are highly insulated gloves and also include some grips mainly designed to protect the worker’s hand from frostbite which can, in the long run, become an issue for those workers who spend significant time in refrigeration storage units or freezers.

Oven Mitts

They are mainly designed for preventing burns while removing or placing hot items such as spicy foods, hot plates or other hot restaurant equipment.

Bibs/ Aprons

This PPE helps restaurant workers observe the much need hygiene by shielding their uniform remain clean. Besides, it acts as a barrier between the worker’s body and harmful substances such as hot oils and grease, among other chemicals

Anti-slip shoes

Typically, a restaurant kitchen is often slippery, particularly from frequent grease and water spills. It, therefore, means that restaurant workers need some particular type of anti-slip shoes that helps them provide their foot with better grip, thus preventing chances of falling or slipping.

Other critical safety items to consider for your restaurant workplace.

Include wet floor signs

These signs are critical for the safety of your customers and also the staff. It helps them notice a section of the floor wet, although not easily noticeable from naked eyesight. This can help them avoid such part or take extra caution while walking on these sections.

Include some Slip-resistant mats

Slip-resistant mats are ideally suitable for kitchen floors or any other part of the restaurant with high traffic where chances of slipping and falling are high such as at the main entrance or the exit. For instance, the rubber mats do not only softer and comfortable walking surface but also provide the much need foot grip. Remember a smoother walking surface gives kneels and feet among other joints, the much-needed protection from injuries and strains.

Remember, providing your employees with the best personal protective restaurant equipment and supplies isn’t enough if you don’t provide them with essential education of the importance of wearing these PPEs while on their work station. Ensure to enlighten your staff today on the significance of using these safety gears and how to use them for effective results properly

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