Things to Remember for Laundry Workers Regarding PPE

17 Aug 2020 - Flaaim
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Due to the worldwide pandemic we are currently experiencing, a lot of businesses have been forced to close down temporarily. We have no choice but to cancel all social gatherings as social distancing is implemented. The number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise each day. While some countries thought they have the matter solved, they suddenly have new cases popping up. We just need to accept the fact that the virus is not going away for sometime. While some establishments like laundromats, it would be idea to use PPEs. Here are some things to remember regarding PPEs:

Get Training

It is important for laundry workers to get proper personal protective equipment training. A lot of things will be taught including how to properly wear it or what must be avoided while wearing it. There is no need to go out for this. In the era where group video calls are the norm, that is where you must get the training. Besides, there is no need to have personal training done on yourself just for the use of PPEs. It is not that hard to learn how to use them as you just need to get used to it.

Avoid Touching Uncontaminated Items

When you touch uncontaminated items, you are going to make your PPE worthless. You must stay away from touching your mobile phones until after the shift is over. There is a time and place for everything. Also, better disinfect the PPEs when you remove them so you can use them again the next day. You would want to use as few personal protective equipment as possible in order to contribute in conserving the environment. Besides, that would also open up more space in your place.

Meet Frequently to Discuss Issues

There will be a lot of issues in the layndry that you must address regarding the PPE. The laundry workers will certainly feel uncomfortable if they need to wear those things the entire day. Yes, it is hard to breathe inside those things so adjustments need to be made. Perhaps, the employees can make some sensible suggestions to management. It remains to be seen whether or not those suggestions will be followed though. After all, a lot of things will still need to be considered by the upper management of the laundromat. It is still best for everyone to meet at lest 2 to 3 times a week though.

COVID-19 has really impacted all businesses all around the world in such a negative way. The bad news is we won’t know when this thing will end since there are so many people who caught the virus. The only thing we can do right now is to follow the healthy protocol provided by the World Health Organization. One of the ways the virus can transmit from one person to another is by shaking hands so it would be wise to do away with that for a while. Besides, you never know who has it especially since some people are asymptomatic.

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