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Personal Protective Equipment in the Cookery

20 Apr 2020 - Flaaim

Personal protective equipment is used to keep people safe from harm that may come in their way during work. Almost all workplaces have health hazards that can harm staff who work there and that is why they have to wear protective clothing to prevent this from happening. Also, protective clothing is worn to avoid the environment clean and safe.

In cookery, the work environment is busy and hectic with many hazards that make the place to have potential areas that can cause harm to the workers and the environment. Protective clothing in cookery must therefore always be worn to reduce the risks of injuries, fatalities that may occur as a result of injuries caused.

Personal Protective Equipment in the Cookery

In cookery, there are hot ovens, knives, baking equipment that can burn, cut and scald the workers to the point of grievous injury or even death. The same hazards can cause injuries to other people who visit the cookery as customers or suppliers because they can be caught; say if there was a fire outbreak. Customers may suffer from issues such as food poisoning as they might arise from lack of protective clothing being put on by staff.

Therefore, as an employer, you have the responsibility to ensure that you all staff in your cookery all wear protective clothing. Employees also have a personal responsibility over their own safety and should wear the clothes at all times.

Types of Personal Protective Clothing to wear in a cookery

Cookery has many types of protective equipment that can are specifically made for this purpose. In the list below, we evaluate a number of the basic ones:


This is a cloth that provides an extra layer on one’s clothing to protect one from spillages that may come from hot foods. It also works as a uniform for kitchen workers so that they have a good presentation.

Personal Protective Equipment in the Cookery

Oven Gloves

These is special clothing worn on the hands to protect one when handling hot equipment such as picking cakes from the oven. They ensure that your hands do not burn.

Cut resistant Gloves

These are special gloves worn on the hands to protect one from being cut by sharp objects such as knives, peelers and carrot grates as they cook.


These are special shoes that are worn to protect people in the kitchen from falling or sliding off and causing them injury. These shoes have a no-slip feature which enables them to have stability for the wearer.

Safety Goggles

These protect the eyes from being contaminated by cleaning fluids and have chemicals that might damage the eyes.

Rubber Gloves

These protect the skin from coming into contact with cleaning materials used for kitchen wear that may irritate the skin.

In conclusion, personal protective equipment must be provided to everyone who works in a cookery environment to avoid the risk of injury. Also, the equipment should be well-fitting, clean and should have good places where they should be stored. Such measures ensure that any risks that may come in the way will be easily dealt with and its risks avoided or minimized to the lowest possible form.

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