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Personal Protective Equipment for Dog Grooming

21 May 2020 - Flaaim

Dog groomers not only have to provide wonderful and satisfactory results in which their skills will be showed to everyone, but they must also make every effort to guarantee the safety of themselves and the dog against any physical damage that can be produced if the professional doesn’t have enough caution with his movements or if he/she applies the supplies in a wrong way. For that reason, everyone should be protected, so this time let’s discuss what is the best personal protective equipment in this field, so stay tuned!

Personal Protective Equipment for Dog Grooming:

Personal Protective Equipment for Dog Grooming

Sadly, there isn’t any certain uniform for dog grooming, which is one of the multiple reasons why some accidents can happen during the process. However, you can combine some apparel and instruments to build a good outfit that will protect the body against pretty much anything, so let’s begin.

Respiratory Protection:

Since the groomer will use dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to certain parts of our face (like in the case of the mouth and nose) having a face mask is a must! It can be a surgical or disposable one to save some money, however, it’s strongly necessary that the professional wear the mask properly, otherwise, the chemicals will reach the sensible part that we want to protect and everything will be a mess.

Eye Protection:

Personal Protective Equipment for Dog Grooming

Medicated shampoos, as well as flea and tick treatments, tend to be very dangerous to the human eyes, causing symptoms that can be pretty annoying. To avoid that kind of situation, every groomer should wear a pair of glasses to block any particle or bubbles to reach that zone! In this way, everything will be much easier and also he/she will look very professional and stylish at the same time, so, everyone wins in this case.

Skin Protection Against Chemicals and Dogs:

Grooming dogs can be a little tricky, especially with the ones that have bad behavior and don’t like to be handled or touched at all! To protect the skin against chemicals, dog bites, and scratches, professionals can use some gloves and arm coverings. They don’t necessarily have to be the best gloves of the market, cheap surgical or leather gloves will work perfectly fine! Also, groomers should use full-length pants to protect the original outfit from being damaged and even scratched if some dog doesn’t like the procedure for any reason.

Chemicals that are used in grooming procedures can’t be touched without any gloves or protection, they can cause irritation and allergies in the hand of the groomer. It will be an annoying situation that no one will like to experience, right? So everyone should use gloves as soon as possible to avoid damaging an important part of the body such as the hands.

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