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All about Protective Gear for Roofers

25 May 2020 - Flaaim

Construction workers need a wide variety of protective gear and clothing for their safety purposes. Safety is of utmost priority when they are working in dangerous conditions and environments. There can be many hazards in construction sites which can be life threatening also. From falling debris to accidents, it is impossible to predict what kind of calamity can strike workers when they are in a hazardous environment. Roofers are people who specialize in roofing services. They repair existing roofs and construct new ones. Since roofing requires workers to work in high altitudes and deal with electric lines and other materials like metal or shingles, special protective gear may be needed for them.

Roofing hazards

All about Protective Gear for Roofers

Roofing is one of the most dangerous and demanding jobs present in the construction sector. Roofers face injuries due to falling from heights. They also use power tools which can cause significant injuries when they malfunction. Electrical poles, lines and other electric equipment can cause fires, shocks, burns or even death. Sometimes they also deal with hazardous materials and are exposed to fumes from paint and harmful chemicals. Metals like asbestos, aluminum, iron among others can also cause cuts and bruises which might get infected. Some power tools like the heat of torches can also be harmful to workers along with other extreme forms of temperature. Thus, the main hazards present to roofers are

Protective Equipment, clothing and gear for roofers

The above points signify the importance of having proper personal protective equipments (PPE) and safety gear. Some of the main PPEs for roofers are explained down below.

A full body harness

A full body harness minimizes the risk of falling from heights. It comprises of a rope system which is attached to a solid hook and clasp. The hook may be tied or clamped with any solid object on the roof. Thus, even if the roofer falls by mistake, the harness can save them from hitting the ground by keeping them suspended in mid-air.

Hard hats, gloves and shoes

All about Protective Gear for Roofers A hard hat will prevent injury to the head. It is much like a helmet worn by bikers. The hat protects the head from falling objects, debris and also minimizes injury in case of an accident. Gloves and shoes protect the hands and feet. Roofers handle hammers, nails, sharp metals and electrical devices. They may also work with power tools which can get heated due to prolonged use. Rubber gloves provide protection from sharp edges and heat. It also acts as an absorber of electricity. Anti-slip rubber shoes help the worker from slipping on the roof. It also allows current to pass through the body and neutralizes it, thus preventing chances of shocks.

Eye glasses and respiratory protection

Glasses help to protect the eyes from particles when there might be cutting or welding needed. Respiratory protection ensures that the workers do not inhale any harmful fumes from chemicals

Weather protective gear

Sometimes extremes of weather conditions might arise. Weather gear allows the workers to work in extreme cold, warm or windy conditions. It is advisable to buy weather gear only from reliable suppliers.

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