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Personal Protective Equipment for Carpentry

11 Jul 2020 - Flaaim

One should essentially put on a PPE-Personnel Protection Equipment when handling carpentry work at renovation or construction. A set of safety glasses and a hard hat is a must as a protection gear essential by the worker.

Other than these safety vests of high visibility with striping to recognize and reflect is needed. Long sleeves, shirts, and full pants give security and is a must. Boots or durable heeled shoes provide that added security to your feet too. Other protection gear can be suggested by a supervisor depending on the job involved.

This may comprise of:

Personal Protective Equipment for Carpentry

Let’s take a look at what Personnel Protection Equipment is available:

Most of the protective gear must adhere to Z87.1 /Z89.1 ANSI standards.

Eye protection

Safety glasses with plastic or metal built and with impact resistance with side protection are required. Chemical splash glasses protect from dust, impact, and splashes. Dust goggles with a tight fit to avoid entry of large or small particles into the eyes. Face shield from eyebrows to lower chin is to prevent harmful sprays, splashes, and liquids. It should be UV resistant. Laser protective wear for eyes to avoid radiation may be needed. Welding protection eyewear made of fiberglass or vulcanized rubbed shields eye burn due to IR or radiant light or sparks.

Foot protection

Leg and Foot injuries due to crushing, falling, corrosive substances, rolling objects, penetrating materials, static electricity, slipping, or electric hazards can be shielded with appropriate foot protection.

Foot protection wear includes

Hand and arm protection

This gear includes finger guards, gloves, and arm cover to shield from thermal/chemical burns, cuts, bruises, punctures, etc. In this gear, shielding gloves are essential. They are made of leather, Metal mesh, Canvas that shield from burns, cuts, and punctures. Fabric gloves are cotton made that shield from chipping. Rubber insulated gloves shield against electrical wires. Liquid/chemical resistant gloves shield against chemicals and toxic liquids.

Head protection

Hard hats are primary head protection as PPE for penetration and impact hazards. These should comply with Z89.1-2009 or later ANSI standards.

Other PPE include


PPE is essential to wear for carpentry that complies with ANSI standards. They offer a shield to the body against any potential hazards. It is vital to keep ourselves and others safe while working.

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