Personal Protective Equipment for Mold Removal

19 Oct 2020 - Flaaim
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In mold removal, you will be experiencing some close contact with mold spores that will attach to your skin, and later on, they will start causing some health issues brought your body due to the large contact with this spores, now, you may think that wearing enough clothes will be enough, well the answer is a great no since these spores are capable of entering through your respiratory system and pass for every different part of your inside while causing different health issues related to mold spores exposition, which in most cases is a dangerous and annoying situation where you can’t be greedy on treatment or the results will be pretty bad, for that reason, you will need a personal protective gear.



Personal Protective Equipment for Mold Removal

One of the parts that will be most exposed to these spores will be your hands, so, you need to come with proper protection if you don’t want to see the bad results in the case that you didn’t follow any security measure in the procedure. Thankfully, when it comes to hands protection you will just need a pair of disposable gloves that can be made of different materials such as latex, vinyl, or even nitrile, however, you need to select one that doesn’t put you in contact with allergies, remember that some people suffer from issues due to allergies related to latex, remember to put the gloves as is intended and finally, remove them after leaving the work perimeter, in that way, the spores will not reach any of your body in your home.


This part of the equipment will be the most important since most health issues are developed due to the lack of protection on the face and also in your hair, for that reason, you will be using disposable hair covers that can be used as a way of marking the territory of your hair in a way that spores will not be able of reaching the hair, and after you leave the work zone, remove the hair cover and that will be enough.

Now, when it comes to your face you will need to put on some safety goggles like the ones that are used in laboratories to avoid any close contact between mold spores and your eyes in any part of the procedure, and also, don’t forget that an Air-Purifying Protector or a face mask will be required to filter the spores that could touch the part of your mouth and clean that space to make sure that nothing less than clear air reaches your mouth, nose and other parts, perfect to avoid getting sick with mold spores.


The last part of the equipment will be based on using disposable shoes that are pretty much like the previous parts of the hair and hands that will be used for protection and finally, you can’t forget about the Tyvek suits in harder or long works that require more contact with mold, however, if we are talking about smaller jobs then you can p[retty much use traditional clothes like long pants and long sleeves to protect both of your arm, torso, and legs at the same time, just clean them properly when you arrive home and be careful with the leftover spores.

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