Safety Measures When Using The Belt Sander

26 Dec 2020 - Flaaim
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Have you ever heard of somebody who lost a finger or to a belt sander? If you do not take safety measures seriously, belt sanders may cause a lot of bodily injuries. Wondering what a belt sander is? It is a multipurpose machine used to smoother surfaces like wood floors or even wood pieces used to build furniture. It is fitted with sandpapers to smoother the wood and other surfaces to the desired level. Other injuries associated with the belt sanders include scrapes, deep cuts, eye injuries, and bruises. It could be a source of lung injuries, especially when you expose yourself to the dust. To avoid these hazards, it is essential to have some safety measures that you can use.

Belt sander safety measures

Safety Measures When Using The Belt Sander

1. Put on safety goggles

Whether you are using the belt sander on the floor or the table, remember to put on some goggles. When you are using this machine, there are chunks from the wood you are smothering. If the chips get to your eyes, they might cause a lot of damage and go to an extreme of partial or permanent blindness.

2. Wear a safety nose mask

In the process of the smothering, there is so much dust. The dust will get through the nose and into the lungs. A build-up of the dust in the lungs causes infection in the lungs and, later on, may develop into a life-threatening condition.

3. Use both hands when at work

It advisable that you hold the machine in its place. When you don t do so, it might end up slipping and falling on your feet, especially if you are working on a table. Using two hands gives the machine stability as opposed to using one hand.

4. Switch it off before plugging it into the power supply

Make sure that you switch the machine off before plugging it into the power source. This reduced the risk of the device, causing any harm before you lay your hands on it. Ensure that you switch it on when you are ready and have held the machine firmly with both hands.

5. Inspect before use

Make a habit of inspecting the belt sander before use. If you use the machine daily, make sure that you take a close look at it every morning. Replace the worn-out belts, check that the discs are moving in the right way, and lubricate where need be. Doing this will reduce the chances of accidents when the machine is working.

6. Let the machine face away from you

When using the belt sander, let it go in the direction against you and not towards you. Doing this reduces the chances that your hands or clothes will get caught in the machine. You should also ensure that all the electric cords are not anywhere near the sanding machine or you because you might trip and fall over them.

Bottom line

Their chances of an accident are low when you keep in mind the above-stated precautions. It is also necessary to clean your machine once in a while. This ensures that the device works better since it is not clogged, and there is no dust in the dust collector.

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