Safety Equipment for Angle Grinder

14 Nov 2020 - Flaaim
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As a lot of people knows, grinding is not a safe activity since a razor-sharp wheel that is cutting at 6500RPM is never going to be safe, remember that a lot of things will make contact with your body, ashes, parts of steel or metal that will be cut and even those small particles can be dangerous to your skin, for that reason, one should never think of taking shortcuts in these kinds of activities since in angle grinder is almost prohibited the usage of bigger blades that the tool is designed for and also, you should know your limits, don’t try to rush the procedure and take some short breaks.

However, that will not be enough to be 100% safe against this dangerous activity, and is for that main reason that it’s about time that you get to know which is the safety equipment that is used by professional workers or grinders that live using these hazardous but useful tools, so, let’s not waste more time to discover how to be safe in every moment while grinding.

Part 1: Safety for the Head and Eyes

Safety Equipment for Angle Grinder

One of the parts of your body that will be very close to the grinder will be your head and more particularly your eyes, since you need to actually see what are you cutting and what else needs to be grinded, however, this needs to be performed as safe as possible since it doesn’t take too much pressure to seriously damage your eyes, so, instead of exposing yourself without any protection, it’s time to use a face shield or security goggles that will maintain the eyes away from steel particles, dangerous compounds and other hazardous materials that you’d provide some issues.

Additionally, it’s time to discuss something for your ears, since angle grinders tend to make a lot of solid noise, and no one wants to hear that annoying sound for the whole day, so, you should use some ear covers or even some kind of headphones while listening to some loud music, in this way, your ear channels will be protected and also you won’t be annoyed while listening to the same sound every single minute during hours.

Part 2: Safety for the Hands and Legs

Your hands need to be protected against the grinder residues that could be left in the environment, and they tend to get out at a fast speed, so if that reach your hand, some issues can happen and you may have to take some serious rest out of the activity, since the hands are the thing that uses the grinder, without them, you can’t do anything about it, some comfortable work gloves will do the trick.

Finally, the last piece of equipment that will be recommended is some security boots that can make you feel both comfortable and secure while walking or standing in the place where grinding activities will be performed, remember that every part of your body needs to be protected, one never knows when the steel that you are cutting tends to be a tricky one and parts of it shtter thought the place at a high speed, damaging everything that it touces, for that reason, be careful and stay safe

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