Bunsen Burner Safety Precautions

30 Sep 2020 - Flaaim
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Bunsen Burners are very useful sources of heat and ignition that can be found in most laboratories, however, there is a single problem with it, and is the fact that it will produce a large amount of heat that is capable of causing burnings and fires in the laboratory if the workers are not careful while following the rules and applying the safety measures, for that reason, most accidents related to Bunsen Burners occur, the lack of general rules is the doom of laboratories that don’t train their employees carefully enough to counter these situations but don’t worry, in this article, you will see the safety rules and equipment required for this machines/devices, stay tuned.

Bunsen burner general rules for workers:

Bunsen Burner Safety Precautions

First of all, before using the burner is a must that you put away every shelf, light equipment and other things such as paper, notebooks, chemical materials and things that could burn easily when they are in contact with a fair enough amount of heat, every single one of this previously mentioned stuff needs to be away from the burner at least 12 inches or bad things will happen. Also, if you count with long hair don’t try to put it in contact with the burner, tied it up otherwise it could reach the burner when its fully working and a fire may occur.

Another important rule to follow is the one that claims that the responsible for using the burner should always look for a crack or broken part in the hoses before turning it on because the risk of ignition or fire could take place if you don’t look for signs that the equipment is broken. If the burner is fully functional then don’t try to light it up with a regular burner, try to look for the proper one which counts with an extended nozzle since this one will be more comfortable and works better than the traditional ones.

Finally, remember to turn off the gas after every usage, you don’ want to cause a leak while the burner is working because it will cause a chemical reaction where everything will start exploding on a small scale depending on how much gas is leaked, for that reason, don’t commit the mistake and save some gas after finishing the work that was pretended to be done on the burner.

Necessary safety equipment for bunsen burners:

The most important part of your body that needs to be protected while handling bunsen burners are your hands since they will be the ones that will be closest to the equipment in every single time that you want to touch it or remove something, for that reason, special gloves are required and this gloves will help to dissipate the possible fire or heat that could reach your hands when things go bad, you just will need to take off the gloves and the skin of your hands will be alright, just a little jumpscare, nothing more.

Next, you have to tie your hair with something that is not weak to heat or fire since the space near the burner will get heat up pretty quickly for the high temperature that will be created in the laboratory, for that reason, don’t let your hair or any part of your clothes to touch the burner without care, the results might be nasty if you don’t follow the security measures.

Finally, use a mask or glasses that are not easy to ignite with heat because the light in some bunsen burners are too high that could affect the direct performance oft he experiment, thankfully your eyes will most likely be intact and safe during the whole procedure so don’t be afraid, just use the safety equipment in combination with the general safety rules and everything will be as smooth as ever, nothing can go wrong when you are professional enough.

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