Chainsaw Safety Rules

22 Nov 2020 - Flaaim
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There’s no denying that a chainsaw if not operated safely can be one of the most high-risk tools a person can use. When combined with falling trees and branches thousands of people are injured or killed when using them each year.

Considering they’re not everyone has the financial means to get their firewood professionally cut every year or to clear dangerous trees from their land, many end up operating chainsaws and because of that we’ve put together some basic safety tips to minimize your risk when using one.

Here are some simple but smart steps that will help you remain safe when using a chainsaw.

Always wear protective clothing

From minor to severe lacerations are the most common chainsaw injuries that occur. The right high quality protective clothing this can minimize your risk of injury and laceration in particular you should always wear the following when operating a chainsaw:

Get your equipment serviced regularly

Chainsaw Safety Rules

Scheduling a regular professional inspection of your chainsaw will ensure that all its major safety features remain functioning properly. An annual tune up will help correctly identify any problems and resolve them to keep your device operating safely.

Always treat your chainsaw with respect

By understanding the techniques needed to correctly and safely handle a chainsaw, you will minimize any risk of strain or injury.

Always make sure your surrounding are safe

Remember, if you are cutting a tree this is your responsibility and securing the site is on you. Inspect the tree to ensure it has no cracks or damage or decay beforehand. Make sure you which way a tree is leaning. Always cut it to fall in the direction it will fall naturally. Make a plan and always ensure there is no one within at least twice the height of the tree in any direction that may be susceptible to injury from its fall.

Store it securely

A chainsaw is a dangerous tool when in the wrong hands, always store securely away from people and children. It’s a good idea to remove the chain and store it in oil and empty the fuel tank, if you are leaving your chainsaw out of use for a season.

Practice makes perfect

Even the most experienced chainsaw operators started by practicing on smaller pieces of wood in order to learn good habits and how to react under dangerous conditions.

We hope following these basic chainsaw safety rules will help you operate your chainsaw in a manner to avoid any accidents or injuries.

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