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Heavy equipment operator safety tips

19 Apr 2020 - Flaaim

Despite workplace observing various safety standards, this ought to be a personal responsibility of the heavy machine operator. Below are some of the safety tips when using heavy equipment.

1. Wear protective gear

Some of the protective gear protects one from possible injuries when operating heavy equipment. Such protective gears include Fall gear, goggles, dust mask, gumboots, hard hats just to mention but a few. Before embarking in any operation of heavy equipment, the operator should ensure he/she wears full and appropriate protective gears. There is a lot of uncertainties in associated with the heavy equipment and thus why one should never ignore wearing these protective gears.

2. Clear onlookers from the site

Heavy equipment operator safety tips Let’s face it, many people have a lot of interest and curiosity when heavy equipment is working in around them and thus overcrowd. It is in this regard that, the operator should use all means to clear the onlookers around the site and if need be use horn to warn the onlookers of a possible hazard.

3. Operate machines you are trained to operate

It is very risky to operate any heavy equipment which you don’t have a hint or skills how they work. The operator should avoid operating machines they are not trained because they are risking the lives of themselves and other workers on site. In case an operator is interested to know how to operate certain heavy equipment they should consider enrolling for such a course to get the skills in that area.

4. Always have open communication

Communication while operating heavy equipment is vital to avoid any possible injuries to the operator and other workers in site. Making use of two-way radio to communicate is a very nice idea and more so when you cant see each other. Further, informing other people on the site prior to operating the heavy equipment makes them take precaution to avoid injuries by all means. Operators are highly advised to double-check the area surrounding the working site to avoid injuring and rescuing the life of workers.

5. Undertake routine inspection

Heavy equipment operator safety tips

Never assume that because certain equipment was working on the previous day it will work on the next day. Some parts of this equipment may break down unexpectedly, so it wise to always carry our daily, weekly or monthly equipment inspection according to how frequently such equipment is in operation.

6. Pay attention to load limits

It is always good to confirm the load limit of the equipment you are operating. Overloading the heavy equipment can lead to loss of life and severe injuries especially when the machines are not in a position to hold such excessive loads. always remember overloading the equipment is not worthy of losing your life as well as those of colleague workers.

7. Watch overhead

By any chance heavy equipment is tall, always double-check to ensure the operation is free from hazards like metal rods, power lines etc.

The above mentioned are some of the safety measures to practice for the heavy equipment operators to avoid hazards in the workplace.

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