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Tips how to safely store gas cylinders

19 Apr 2020 - Flaaim

Gas cylinders are commonly used in many homes, medical and industrial areas. These equipment are very important especially in assisting you to make your meals and do other duties. However, it’s important for you to be extremely careful when you are using them.

If you happen you store them incorrectly or mishandle them, they can lead to hazardous safety and health issues. To ensure the safety of your home or workplace, you can look at the following tips on how to safely store gas cylinders.

Proper handling of the cylinders

Tips how to safely store gas cylinders

Gas cylinders are quite heavy especially when they are full. If left to leak, they can lead to fire explosions. Therefore, you should ensure that the personnel in charge of handling the cylinders do wear protective footwear and gloves when carrying them. The gas cylinders should not be rolled, thrown or dropped onto the surface. If you have large gas cylinders, you can use a lift or trolley to move them into the storage unit.

Restrict entry

It’s important for you to ensure that it’s only people who understand fully how to handle the gas cylinders well are allowed to access the storage area. Also, ensure that the storage area is located away from high traffic areas or busy paths such as passages for vehicles, people, stairways, emergency routes or corridors. You can use visible warning signs around your gas storeroom.

Proper ventilation of the storage area

You must ensure that your storage room is well ventilated, cool and dry. In this case, ventilation is vital as it will ensure that any unexpected releases of flammable or toxic gases will not be trapped within the storage room. This can be hazardous. If possible, you can store all your gas cylinders outdoors in a well ventilated, weatherproof, secure store or cage. This is to ensure that if any accident occurs would not affect the nearby property

The walls of the storage room must be resistant to fire. Other flammable substances such as paper, wood and flammable liquids must not be placed in the same room with the gas cylinders.

Separating the unused and used gas cylinders

Tips how to safely store gas cylinders

You should separate the refilled and empty gas cylinders. You can divide the storage room into two sections, one for storing empty cylinders and the other for the fully refilled one. Avoid emptying the contents of one cylinder into another.

Proper positioning of the gas cylinders

Ensure you place the cylinders in a place where they cannot be rained on or be affected by water. The floor surface that you place the gas cylinders should be even to list the likelihood of them falling over and bursting into flames. They should also be positioned in a place where they cannot come into contact with direct sunlight or any heat source. In addition, smoking should not be allowed within and around the storage room. All the gas cylinders even if they are empty or full must be stored in an upright manner. You can build a strong steel cage where you securely place them.

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