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Safety Precautions When Working With Construction Materials

08 May 2020 - Flaaim

Construction safety is crucial in worksites to prevent injury or even death. Every day most workers are exposed to a potentially dangerous environment. There are so many safety tips that every worker must be aware of.

Be aware of your surroundings

Safety Precautions When Working With Construction Materials

Make sure you stay alert to the movement of large equipment and loads as you move about the grounds. Remember not to walk or stand under suspended loads. Falling loads and debris are the cause of a large number of injuries.

Use proper equipment

Most construction sites have several contractors performing simultaneous work. Proper equipment helps protect against falling debris. Safe construction projects adhere to safety equipment requirements such as back supports, hardhats, steel-toed boots, safety goggles, and gloves.

Lift safely

Adhere to proper lifting techniques to protect your back, arms, and legs. Wear support equipment such as back braces if you do the repetitive bending.

Enter and exit heavy equipment properly

Weather elements can compromise safe construction projects. Practice entering and exiting equipment according to safety guidelines. Ensure personal equipment such as work boots are free of snow, ice, mud, and other things that might prevent safe movement.

Use safety when loading and unloading equipment

Safety Precautions When Working With Construction Materials

When loads are over the recommended weights or unstable, the chance of large machinery rollover is more likely.

Adhere to training when operating machinery such as forklifts.

Practice quality over quantity; work smarter even if it means not completing tasks on time.

Test the strength of support structures.

Before ascending a scaffolding structure, know what limitations a structure has. Take additional safety precautions whenever you can. In case of a fall, secure harnesses. In case an emergency descent becomes necessary, position extra ladders.

There are a number of other things that might apply in each work environment, but these are seven important ones to practice construction safety. Update your safety plan often to ensure you conform to the latest safety policies and procedures to reduce possible injury to yourself or co-workers.

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