10 Tips To Walk Your Dog Safely

17 Jan 2021 -
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Walking your dog(s) can be a great activity, exercise, and stress release for both you and your dog. Unfortunately, it can quickly turn sour. If you’re looking to stay safe and confident while out and about, read our 10 dog walking safety tips.

1) Stay Hydrated

This one’s obvious, but you should always bring enough water for your dog but also for yourself. For dogs, it’s easy to overheat as their bodies have a harder time regulating the temperature (they do it by panting) and they only sweat through their paws.

2) Know The Law

10 Tips To Walk Your Dog Safely

Some parks do not allow dogs on their premises at all, while others may allow them but only on a leash at all times. It is best to go to exclusive dog parks where you know what are the rules. You do not want to get in trouble with local authorities in the form of dog wardens and get both yourself and your pooch in trouble.

3) Teach Your Pooch Basic Commands

Cities can be dangerous places for animals with all the traffic, tasty litter, and of course other dogs and their not so well-intentioned owners. You might invest some time and patience into training your dog some basic commands like stay, go, come back, leave, and so on just to avoid some tricky situations.

4) Keep On A Leash In Crowded Areas

Some dogs can easily be spooked by loud or sudden noises or movements that do happen when there are a lot of dogs and other people or small kids around. Make sure to anticipate these kinds of situations and put the leash back on your dog.

5) Be Visible

In low light conditions like dusk, dawn, or night/evening, it’s best to wear a high-viz jacket or vest. There are awesome leash safety lights on the market for those dark walks.

6) Be Prepared For Altercation

Let’s face it, you are going to come across badly behaved dogs sooner or later and you should be prepared for it or even better yet plan what you will do when it happens.

7) Carry IDs

Both you and your pooch should have proper IDs on you when going even for a short walk. In most states, it’s even mandatory. Make sure you have an up-to-date photo of your pooch on your cell phone as well.

8) Be Prepared For (Bad) Weather

Weather can change in a moment, so if you’re going for a longer walk or even a hike, have a look at a detailed weather forecast beforehand so there are no nasty surprises when you’re already further away from your house or your vehicle.

9) Use A Normal Leash

A proper leash is worth gold. More and more people are going back to traditional leashes because they, or someone they know, have had accidents when walking their dog with a retractable leash. There are some really low-quality leashes out there, so be careful when buying one - only buy from brands that you trust!

10) Bring Treats

If you’re walking your dog off the leash, make sure to bring some treats that it loves. Just in case some tricky situations arise - it’s easier to focus your dog on a treat or even its favorite toy.

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