Barista’s Health and Safety Tips

07 Feb 2021 - Flaaim
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A barista works for long hours in a shift, and so the job demands a lot from him or her. Remember that you are in an enclosed area with your colleagues, and so the need to secure your section. A majority of the injuries that occur in the coffeehouses can be avoided as far as care and attention to the minor details are prioritized. Therefore, you should rely on these safety and health aspects to ensure you run through the clock safely until the end of your shift.

Follow the Espresso Machine Instructions

Barista’s Healthy and Safety Tips

The contemporary espresso machines have some automated mechanisms that make them easier and safer to operate. However, a barista must respect them because they let out instant bursts of flaming steam and hot liquid and can, therefore, pose danger to you and the entire team. Uphold the health and safety guidelines, and the machine will never hurt you.

You are advised to use the machine wisely and in case you note something weird with it, turn it off and wait until professional guidance is provided. If the procedure of using the machine does not work, do not apply other hacks because they have been discouraged right from the training sessions. Instead, you should alert the management to organize for a repair that follows the relevant safety tips.

Never Rush

Caution is needed when preparing the drinks even if you have so many clients flowing in especially in the morning and during the lunch hour. When in a hurry, you are likely to drop cups or even spill the content, and so you will not complete the order, thereby causing loss to the coffeehouse. Some clients might hasten you because of the urgencies they might have, but they would appreciate it if you took time to make a perfect cup of coffee. Health and safety in the coffeehouse are more important than timely order completion.

Stretch your Legs and Arms Regularly

A barista spends a lot of time standing because this is what the job demands. You can be fitter, but on the other hand, this can affect your back. Therefore, once you take a break, you should stretch and make some simple exercises alongside observing other safety tips. They will help to relieve tension in your limbs and muscles.

You will be vulnerable to frequent stress injuries like other baristas. Therefore, you should have complex machines or heavy pitchers that help to strain the arms, more so the wrist. Check on your body regularly to avoid rampant injuries.

Take Care when Handling the Hot Liquids

After working in a coffeehouse for some time, you will master how to use the espresso machine and even the grinder. However, you should not be too overconfident because hot liquids demand a lot of attention. If the hot coffee spills on your hand it can seriously burn, thereby causing pain. In case of any spillage, you should tidy up instantly to avoid tripping when delivering the order.

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