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Health and Safety Rules for Soldering

02 Jun 2020 - Flaaim

Soldering is a process that involves joining of two metals using electricity. The fusion of two metals usually involves a filler metal which has a lower melting point than the other melting. In the process, the two metals are fused together. This is a dangerous practice as it can affect you both physically, mentally, and health-wise in general. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary precautions in order to avoid injuries. With many precautions in place, here are the top health and safety rules for soldering

1. Never touch the Top f the Soldering Iron

Health and Safety Rules for Soldering Well, for you to be safe, you should never touch the tip of the soldering iron. The main reason being that it is heated to about 400 degrees of volts coming out from the iron, which is enough to kill you on the spot. This is a dangerous zone to touch and you should never place your hand whatsoever on the tip. This is for your safety.

2. Do not touch the main flex with the Soldering Iron

As much as possible, avoid that contact between the soldering gun and the flex. The flex has the ability to conduct electricity very well. This, in turn, gets you very easily and the repercussions are deadly. It may result in injuries or even death. A voltage of about 400 degrees is no joke. As much as possible, prevent contact from occurring.<p>

3. Always to its stand

Always return the soldering gun to where its stand is. Put it in its stand or toolbox. This is to prevent accidents from occurring. You might mistakenly sit or step on it and get injured. Also, a child might get into contact with it and be harmed, So it’s important that you keep it in its stand.

4. Solder in Ventilated areas

Fumes coming out from the soldering gun have poisonous substances that are not good for your health. It is recommended that you move to ventilated areas so that you can get fresh air. Also, it is advisable that you move your head to the side, but not above to prevent direct contact with the fumes.

5. Wear protective goggles

Goggles play an important role in protecting your eyes from the direct rays from the soldering gun. The iron. The iron has some of the sharpest rays and when they come into contact with the eye, they will damage it and with time, blindness might occur.

6. Wash your hands

Solder has lead, which is a very poisonous metal. Some of the bad effects of lead include:

  1. Causes weakening of bones in young children.
  2. premature abortion in pregnant women.
  3. affects the brain and may lead to mental loss.
  4. May cause sterility.

With these effects, it is important that you wash your hands after working.

7. Wear heavy clothes

At your workplace, it is advised that you wear heavy clothes and make sure that they fit you tightly. This is to prevent you from coming into contact with any of the products from the soldering iron. These fumes are so dangerous especially when they come into contact with the skin.

These are the best safety methods that will ensure that you remain healthy at your workplace by preventing all types of injuries.

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