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HSE management system checklist

03 Jun 2020 - Flaaim

Your Health and Safety Management System is one of the most important tools you have to ensure your health and safety programme works effectively.

It’s important as it gives you a system to monitor, maintain, improve and control your company’s health and safety.

Today, we’re revealing 22 things you must check, whether you already have a Management System or you’re starting to create one, to make sure it’s inline with the OHS.

Use this checklist to ensure your Health and Safety Management System is compliant


HSE management system checklist

  1. Does management agree and understand your health and safety intention?
  2. Do you know the employer and employee legal obligations?
  3. If you have more than 20 employees, do you have a Health and Safety Representative and Committee?
  4. Did you establish a risk assessment group to conduct the risk assessment for your organisation?
  5. Have you planned how to identify hazards and assess risks?
  6. Do you have an incident investigation procedure?
  7. Do have records of your health and safety efforts?
  8. Did you take your employees input into consideration with the planning phase of your safety management system?


  1. Is health and safety on your agenda for all management meetings?
  2. Are your employees aware of your health and safety policy?
  3. Have you drawn up a Health and Safety Agreement?
  4. Have you identified who needs health and safety training?
  5. Did you include health and safety training requirements in your workplace skills plan?
  6. Are you assessing hazards and the associated risk?
  7. Have you implemented risk controls?
  8. Are you investigating all incidents?
  9. Are you holding regular Health and Safety Committee meetings (if you employ more than 20 people)?
  10. Have you drawn up written health and safety procedures?


  1. Are Health and Safety Representatives doing regular inspections?
  2. Are you doing an annual internal audit?
  3. Have you planned an external audit?
  4. Are you reviewing your Health and Safety Management System annually?

Ensure your Health and Safety Management System is OHS compliant by checking all of these things.

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