Safety Precautions When Working with Ethanol

17 Oct 2020 - Flaaim
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Ethanol is a colorless, volatile, and especially a very inflammable liquid that has a slight odor that perdured for centuries since it was discovered as the result of an extreme fermentation of alcohol. Since Ethanol forms part of multiple important things that humankind requires for its survival, it shouldn’t be strange to see that millions of people manipulate it every single day for industrial purposes such as biofuel, gasoline, medicines, and even some basic things like housecleaning products.

However, there is a big problem with that statement, due to its volatile nature, Ethanol is pretty dangerous to the human body, capable of causing health diseases that can provide a very annoying situation and even death if security measures are not followed, for that reason, let{s discover these security rules that everyone should follow when they get to manipulate some of it in the future, stay tuned.

Safety precautions to consider when working with ethanol:

Safety Precautions When Working with Ethanol

The best security rules that exist in situations like these is the usage of security equipment that will provide special protection in determining parts of the body depending on what conditions you will be working with the dangerous agent or chemical and also which one will be manipulated, for example, in the case of Ethanol almost every part of the body should be protected, but if you work with other chemicals maybe you just need to protect a particular zone like your hands or face, with that being said, these are the tools and equipment that you should use when working with Ethanol.

Security gear part #1: protection in hands

When it comes to your hands, the gear that you will require is pretty easy to obtain and use since you just will require a pair of long rubber gloves and that’s it! However, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of Ethanol, and since a lot of people tend to put these special gloves in an incorrect way, their hands will suffer from some irritation and other issues on the skin that may not be too deadly, but it will be pretty annoying, so make sure that the gloves are well inserted in your hands, check for any cut or point where Ethanol could reach your skin and everything will be good.

Security gear part #2: protecting your face.

In comparison to hands, this time you need to pay a lot of attention to the explanation since more gear will be used this time, starting with the fact that a face shield will be pretty much required to avoid suffering from any contact with Ethanol particles, but that would not be enough since chemical safety goggles are also a must and what can be said about respirators? Remember that you won’t be in natural situations at all, working with Ethanol is a very intriguing and passionate job, but if you don’t work carefully then bad things will happen, a lot of accidents take place in this kind of practices so stay safe.

Security gear part #3: protection in your legs.

To end this security gear you will need a pair of boots that manage to cover your ankles and legs at a perfect point where nothing can reach your skin even in unlucky situations, you just need to select some security boots that are suitable for the job and also remember something important, not adjusting enough the boots leave empty space in the kin so you need to seal that space otherwise in accidents with Ethanol that can reach your skin and even with the slightest mistake you will be ashamed of not following the measures, be careful and good job.

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