Personal Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents

06 Nov 2020 - Flaaim
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Real Estate agents meet with strangers all the time so their safety is always at risk. The reward is great when you make a sale. However, it is not always that way as there is a chance the buyer may not be all what he seems to be. If that is the case, better stay safe with these personal safety tips for real estate agents:

Carry a Weapon

It can be a tazer, a knife,, or even a gun if you have a license to carry one. You must learn how to use it when the opportunity presents itself. Whatever the scenario is, you must always prioritize your safety above everything else.. Of course, you must hide the weapon so the buyer won’t see that you are carrying it. You must only bring it out at a time when you feel threatened by the person.

Take Self Defense Classes

Personal Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents There are many self defense techniques like karate, judo, Muay Thai, and kickboxing. All these things will teach you how to handle a person who turns out to be a criminal. When you learn these things, you are going to be more confident when you go to viewing appointments with potential buyers at the properties that you are selling. Even if the property has tight security, you can never be too sure with the people that you are dealing with.

Let Loved Ones Know Where You Are

When you have a viewing appointment, you must always let your loved ones know all the details about it. Yes, that includes the location, the name of the person you are meeting, and the time of the meeting. When the meeting is over, tell that person you told the details to that you are alright. Tell that person that if you don’t text him or her then better call the police. Of course, that is just a last resort option in case something bad happens. If the deal gets closed, then that is a different story. You must still update that person what happens after the viewing appointment.

Do Background Check on the Buyer

It is not really safe to meet with just about anybody. You must get the name of the person and work information so that you can research on social media more about the person to find out more. You can easily find out more about the person’s interests and past jobs when you look at his Linkedin profile. When you look in his Facebook, you will immediately see his posts so you will know what interests him the most. At the same time, you are getting to know the buyer so you will know how to please him in order to close the deal too

There were a lot of incidents that were reported over the years where people threatened the life of real estate agents. Thus, it is far from being an easy job especially if you are selling a luxurious property. You would want to make sure that you come out of the meeting unscathed.

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