An Investment in Safety What You Need To Make Your Table Saw That Much Accurate and Safe

11 Nov 2020 - Flaaim
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An investment in Table saw safety should be a craftsmanship’s main priority before beginning any project. Don’t take it from us, there are plenty of tales of near misses and trips to the emergency room, simply walk into any type of hardware store, and you’ll be sure to hear one. A Table saw safety accessories also don’t just protect you from a potential accident but improves your project completion and quality time as your confidence in the handling and safety of your table saw accessories would significantly improve. The following are a few of our top table saw safety accessories to invest in.

Grip-Tite Featherboard

A Grip-Tite Featherboard is essentially the equivalent of growing another set of hands. Many of the horror stories of people losing fingers are often caused by the accidental slipping of the finger into the blade when adjusting a piece of wood. The accessory allows one to safely put pressure on the piece of wood onto the fence of the table saw from a distance without losing accuracy. Most of these tools are made to grip with strong magnets that make them easy to assemble or move onto another type of saw.

Safety Power Switch

One of the many accidents involving a saw includes the attempted shut off of the machine. This usually happens when the wood begins to stick to the blade and fence. Wanting to keep the quality of the wood, many will remove their focus from the saw in order to turn off the machine. A great accessory to have is a power switch that can be easily turned off by a simple bump. This will allow you to cut the power to the saw while maintaining focus on your hand’s location.

Sawdust Collector

A few missing fingers aren’t the only thing to worry about when cutting wood. The fact is that sawdust can cause as much damage to not only yourself but the people around you. Therefore, we highly recommend investing in a Sawdust Collector. A Sawdust Collector will ensure a safe environment free from dangerous inhalants and other small particles in the air that can accumulate in time.

Zero Clearance Inserts

Although we often hear of the typical cutting of a finger, one of the less spoke concerns come from the small wooden chips then get stuck in the blade. These pieces of stuck wood will often snap back at you during a project which can cause serious injury. When these accessories are placed into the gaps of your saw, then they greatly diminish the chances of this happening.

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