Workplace Health And Safety Tips For Young Workers

11 Nov 2020 - Flaaim
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Employers must always consider the employee’s welfare when setting up a work station. This wellbeing is primarily for young workers who are prone to work-related injuries and fatalities. According to a research done by the Association of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada in 2012, more than 50 workers aged between 15 and 24 die each year due to work-related injuries, and more than 32, 106 survive the injuries.

With these statistics, it’s evident that there is a need for employers to focus on young employees’ safety. I believe that every manager must have a handbook to inform on the workplace safety tips for young workers.

In this article, I will inform you of health and safety tips for young workers which can help reduce work-related fatalities.

1. A young employee must ensure he/she is safe

Workplace Health And Safety Tips For Young Workers Employees must always look after themselves to ensure nothing goes wrong at the workplace. I know everybody does that, but don’t you think if you are vigilant we can overcome the accidents at workplaces? Let’s see how you can look after yourself at work with the right workplace safety tips for young workers:

2. Always seek advice where you don’t know

I believe that it’s not safe to work with a machine or with any substance if you aren’t sure of how to use it. Therefore, a young worker with workplace health and safety tips for young workers must always ask where he/she feels he/she has doubts. Also, during work-related training or seminars, they must take all advice on health and safety tips for young workers seriously.

3. Always report anything that can cause alarm

It’s crucial if you don’t risk your co-workers’ safety or even yours by saying on anything that you think can cause injuries at the workplace. You can talk to your employer, supervisor or your leader if you think something can be a source of work-related fatality or injuries. For instance, if you believe that the machines have a malfunction or the chemical you are using is fatal, report the concern immediately.

Finally, as a young employee, you must know that it’s essential to work, but your safety means a lot. Therefore, you must always remember these health and safety tips for young workers to ensure you are secure.

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