Safety Rules for Using a Wood Chisel

23 Feb 2021 - Flaaim
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The Wood Chisel and Safety

A wood chisel is a cutting tool. It often has a cutting edge and it has different uses:

Safety Rules for Using a Wood Chisel

Safety rules do apply with this tool because it does have a sharp blade. The woodworking chisel comes in various sizes. There are different types of wood chisels and each will have a standard set of safety rules to adhere to. A chisel is often used like a screwdriver. Safety is necessary because the chisel could potentially fly off and break which does pose safety issues.

Rules: Safe Use and the Wood Chisel

Some wood chisels may be smaller in size and they still have sharp blades. It is not hard to obtain a wound when safety practices are not in place. Anyone using this type of chisel ought to follow a set of safety rules and this applies to every size chisel. Adhere to the following rules and guidelines and expect to have a safe chisel experience:

Added Tips

Do not use the chisel as a wedge or a pry because it is intended to be used for carving and wedging. It can be sharpened with a whetstone or a file. It is not a good idea to hold a workpiece on one hand and try to chisel with the other side of it. Safety should be a priority while using a chisel.

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