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3 Tips on how to prevent workplace accidents

It's true! Workplace accidents can never really be prevented indefinitely. They are, in a way, an eventuality.

But that's not to say that you shouldn't be taking steps to prevent them occurring in your workplace!

You have a duty to your employees! And that duty is to look out for their health and safety.

So in doing just that, take a look at these 3 tips on how you can prevent accidents from occurring in the workplace

Tip#1: Risk assessments

When you carry out a risk assessment, you must make it as thorough as possible! This can be done by involving all of your staff. Ask them what they feel is a risk in the workplace.

Tip#2: Safety procedures

It's obvious that you should develop safety work procedures for any employees who work in risk areas.

But how often do employers pay careful attention to the way those procedures are laid out?

In other words, what's the point of having safety procedures if the employees can't understand them?

That's why you should structure your safety procedures in a way they can understand. You should:

  • use a language they can understand;
  • use simple language;
  • use pictures where possible; etc.
All this can help ensure that your employees follow your safety procedures correctly.

Tip#3: Safety talks

Read also - Toolbox Talk: What your employees need to know about risk assessments Developing, and using, safety talks are great for your staff!

These informative talks are a sure way to help prevent accidents in the workplace!

But how willing are employers to develop their own safety talks? You see, this takes lots of time - something which you may not have.

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