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Five ways to make sure your machinery is effectively guarded

There are specific legal requirements for the use of machinery to prevent injuries and deaths in your workplace. Use these five tips to ensure your machinery complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

You have a legal obligation to ensure your machines are properly guarded. Injuries caused by unguarded or inadequately guarded machinery are usually severe and permanent, warns the Health&Safety Advisor.

One way to protect your employees is to ensure everything is guarded properly is to implement the machinery regulations outlined by the OHSA.

Use these five methods to guard machinery

#1: Ensure your machine operator inspects all machine guards every day before he starts working.

#2: Correctly train and monitor all operators that work on moving machinery. Often the machines come with a manual that includes the safe methods for using the machine. Use this to train your operators. Or draw up safe work procedures for the safe use of each dangerous machine. Have operators sign a simple 'acknowledgement of training' form.

#3: Display a notice warning of moving machinery in a prominent position. This should either be a sign stating something like: 'Beware moving machinery'.

#4: Develop safe work procedures for hazardous moving machinery and ensure you train relevant employees in these procedures.

#5: Inspect all moving machinery and guards on a monthly basis. Make sure the inspection is done by a competent person (someone who has the relevant knowledge and experience) or people nominated and deemed competent for this purpose.

Using these methods to guard your machines will ensure your employees are safe in their work environment.

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