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Six quick tips to make your staff wear their PPE

Your role as Health and Safety Rep is to ensure all your employees wear their personal protective equipment (PPE). If your co-workers don't wear their PPE and you ignore it, you're being negligent in your duties and there are consequences.

Six quick tips to make your staff wear their PPE!

If you see a co-worker not wearing their full PPE, stop them.
  • Make sure you tell them to put it on.
  • If you don't want to get a fine or spend time in jail - look after your co-workers by checking they're wearing their PPE.
  • Before starting work, make sure everybody is wearing their PPE.
  • Check they're wearing it properly.Make sure their PPE fits comfortably.
  • If it's not, report it so they can get PPE fits better and is comfortable.
  • Do your PPE inspections every month to ensure your co-workers are using safe PPE.

Consequences if you're negligent in your duties

Although you can't be sued in a civil court for damages, a simple DoL enquiry can label you as a criminal and can fine you up to R50 000. You could face jail time, or both. The state can even take you to court and then you risk getting a heavier sentence for failing in your duty.

So, the next time you see your colleagues breaking your Health and Safety rules... DO something about it!

Take action, because it's your neck on the line and not just theirs. It's your duty to enforce health and safety in your company.

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Alexandr Grigorev


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