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Four fire safety tips that could save your company from disaster

Workplace fires can happen when you least expect it. And the best way to deal with them is to prevent one all together.

It's simply a matter of putting fire safety measures in place and ensuring your employees know how to avoid fires.

To help you do this effectively we're revealing four fire safety tips that will prevent a fire disaster in your workplace...

Prevent a workplace fire disaster by following these four tips

Tip 1: Remove flammable materials and gasses from possible ignition sources

Move anything flammable away from your employees work area if they work with open flames, machines that cause sparks or anything that could start a fire.

It's advisable to keep working with anything that could cause a fire in a contained area. This means if it does start a fire you can close it off and it won't burn anything else.

Tip 2: Train your employees on the correct way to work with possible ignition sources

If your employees know how to work safely with anything that could cause a fire, they can prevent a fire starting.

Tip 3: Create designated smoking areas

Smoking is a common cause of fires. If you create designated smoking areas away from your building you can avoid this problem.

Tip 4: Maintain your electrical system and equipment

Electrical faults are another common cause of fires. You need to maintain your electrical systems to ensure they don't become a fire hazard.

Use these four tips to prevent fires and ensure your workplace and employees are always safe.

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