Eight golden rules for safe food preparation

As you know you have a duty to provide a healthy and safe work environment. This includes nutrition. If you have a canteen at your workplace or provide staff meals, read on to discover the eight golden rules for safe food preparation so you can update your Health and Safety Management System.

Providing healthy food, clean facilities and nutritional meals is as important to your employees as protecting them from chemicals and noise, says the Health&Safety Advisor.

If your facilities for food cause harm to your employees in any way, you could be fined, sentenced to prison and even lose your business.

Is that a risk you can afford to take?

Make sure your employees and your food handlers are aware of the eight rules for safe food preparation.

  • Rule#1: Choose foods processed for safety, for example, pasteurized milk
  • Rule#2: Cook food thoroughly and thaw food before cooking
  • Rule#3: Eat cooked foods immediately
  • Rule#4: Reheat cooked foods thoroughly
  • Rule#5: Avoid contact between raw and cooked foods
  • Rule#6: Wash hands repeatedly
  • Rule#6: Keep all kitchen surfaces meticulously clean
  • Rule#7: Protect foods from rodents, insects and other animals
  • Rule#8: Always use pure water.
Remember, even if your company doesn't have a canteen, the law requires you to provide some sort of an eating area. Whatever kind of facility you have, it should always be clean and well maintained.

But most importantly, make sure these rules are followed and that they are part of your company's Health and Safety Management System.

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