How often should your HSE committee hold meetings

You probably know that the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires your Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) committee to hold meetings. But, do you know how often these meetings must be held? Read on to find out so you can ensure your HSE committee is complaint.

Don't know when and how often your HSE committee must hold its meetings?

If so, here's a simple explanation.

Your HSE committee MUST hold meetings at least once every three months

Your HSE committee must hold meetings at least once every three months.

You must have meetings as often as necessary, or at least once every three months especially if you have a high-risk business, for example, a chemical-manufacturing plant.

If you have an administrative type of business, once every three months will be enough.

You must also ensure your HSE committee holds effective meetings.

Advise your HSE committee to do the following when it comes to meetings:

#1: Make recommendations to you about health and safety matters: Where their recommendations fail, the committee must resolve the matter or make new recommendations, or report the matter to the DoL.

#2: Discuss incidents: Your HSE committee must discuss any incident at the workplace where anyone was injured, fell ill or died. The committee must discuss this with the investigation team.

Advise them to 'discuss every single incident, no matter how minor it seems, so it doesn't happen again. It could be more serious next time,' says Harty. #3: Keep records of all recommendations carried out. They must do this for

at least three years of all recommendations from the committee or an inspector.

These could be recommendations for:

  • Incidents;
  • Risk assessments;
  • Hazardous plant;
  • orHazardous machinery.
Remember, your HSE committee MUST hold meetings at least once every three months. In addition, make sure your HSE officers report on these matters during committee meetings.

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