How to implement a fall protection plan in line with the OHSA

If your employees work at heights, you must have a fall protection plan. If you don't have one, your employees could fall and get injured. This'll not only cost you thousands in penalties, it could also stop your projects and cause delays in production. Don't take that risk. Read on to discover how to implement a fall protection plan that complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

Implementing your fall protection plan means more than putting papers into a file. You must follow a set method of implementation

Here's what you need to do to implement your fall protection plan.

Use these seven steps to implement your fall protection plan

  • Step1: Train your employees in the safety rules for working at heights;
  • Step2: Make sure your HSE representatives are present during the training;
  • Step3: Show them how to wear the fall protection equipment;
  • Step4: Ensure your HSE representatives understand that just wearing the equipment isn't enough. They have to hook it up to a sturdy structure to protect themselves from falling;
  • Step5: Complete a training attendance register and make sure you record the correct information.
  • Step6: Type up the rules (training content of steps 3 and 4), print and laminate them. Display them in a place where your employees can read them all the time; and
  • Step7: Make sure you do employee safety inspections using the rules as a checklist.
Remember to file away the documents for record purposes.

Well there you have it. With these steps, you'll be sure to implement an effective fall protection plan that complies with the OHSA.

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