Personal Protective Equipment

Four easy steps to effectively manage your PPE

When last did you check how much you've spent on replacing or repairing PPE? Save your business this cost by managing your PPE effectively.

Four steps to effectively manage your PPE

Step 1: When issuing PPE to your staff, keep a record

Include these items on your PPE issuing record. Your employees name, the type of PPE you have issued and the date that you gave it to them.

Step 2: Give training on the correct use of PPE

You must train every employee who receives PPE on how to use it correctly. If they don't use it properly, the PPE might not protect them as it should and they could get hurt.

Step 3: Care for all PPE in a hygienic way

Don't let your staff share their PPE as it can spread infections. For example, ear infection with hearing protection and fungal infections from gloves or safety boots.

Step 4: Dispose of used or expired PPE

Did you know that hard hats have a shelf life of a year? It's vital that you throw away any expired PPE. Some PPE are single use only and you must dispose of them in the correct manner, depending on their hazard contamination.

These are only four of the seven steps that you can take to manage your PPE and save costs on this item in your Health and Safety budget.

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