Personal Protective Equipment

It's your duty to make sure employees know their PPE responsibilities

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is your employee's last line of defence against injury, illness or death. And the buck stops with you when it comes to your employee's health and safety. Here are eight duties that your employees need to know so they can comply and avoid the wrath of the DoL.

Make sure your employees follow their duties regarding PPE or prepare to face penalties

The Health & Safety Advisor outlines your employees' duties when it comes to PPE:

Employees must:

  • Wear PPE properly.
  • Attend training sessions on PPE.
  • Care for, clean and maintain their PPE.
  • Inform their supervisor when they need to repair and replace PPE.
  • Store PPE in the container, cubicle, locker or facility provided when not using it.
  • Follow the procedures for handling contaminated PPE.
  • Keep protective clothing and personal clothing separately in the lockers.
  • Not damage, misuse or abuse their PPE.
That's not all regarding your employees' PPE responsibilities. Keep reading to find out one last thing you need to do.

Make sure your employees sign a form that shows they understand their PPE responsibilities

When you've told your employees about their duties regarding PPE, make sure they sign an issue/re-issue form to show they understand their responsibilities. So make sure your employees follow their responsibilities when it comes to PPEto ensure the DoL doesn't fine you.

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