Three health and safety elements to refresh your employees on

This is the time of year to plan your health and safety induction training for your new recruits. While you're planning your health and safety induction training, take advantage and refresh all your staff on your health and safety procedures

Here are three health and safety elements to refresh your employees on

Three key health and safety elements to train your employees on

1. Incident reporting

Even if you still have the same processes, it's a good idea to remind your employees on how to report incidents. They may have become careless or even forgotten. Remember, these procedures are there to help reduce your onsite injuries by preventing incidents from happening. They also help measure how effective your procedures are.

2. Evacuations

After everyone has been on holiday, I'm sure your emergency evacuation procedures are the last thing on your employees' minds. Remind them what to do in an emergency and highlight how important it is to pay attention. It could save lives!

3. Personal Protective Equipment

If your employees need and use PPE, remind them how to use and care for their PPE properly. This helps to protect your employees and costs you less than replacing damaged PPE.

Now you have a few ideas of what you should be training your employees on

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