Toolbox Talks

Toolbox talks for maximum safety improvement

When you give a toolbox talk, you need to stand out and talk about a safety topic. Sometimes that topic is fall safety, other times it's the hazards of smoking at work.

Once you're done, you dismiss everyone and go back to your office. You feel good about your safety presentation.

But have you ever considered if your employees agree? They're the ones who this OHS training is for after all.

For your employees to really get the most out of your toolbox talk, you must ensure it achieves these five goals...

A toolbox talk must be more than just a friendly safety chat You need to remember that your toolbox talks must serve a purpose. They're more than just a friendly chat with your employees about safe working procedures. They're your chance to really get an important message across.

You and your employees must take them seriously. So be firm but not harsh. This will get your employees' attention without putting them off.

Get this right and it'll be easier to achieve these five goals with your toolbox talks

Five goals every toolbox talk must achieve

Your toolbox talk must:

  1. Make your employees aware of a specific safety issue;
  2. Inform your employees of the dangers of this issue and the risks to themselves;
  3. Give them the basic training to protect themselves from this danger;
  4. Encourage open discussion between you and your employees around this safety issue. Get feedback and suggestions from your employees during this discussion; and
  5. Establish or maintain future communication about health and safety issues.

If your toolbox talks achieve all these things, your employees will have all the relevant information and training they need to protect themselves.

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