Safety at Work

Could the chemicals you work with slowly be killing your workforce?

If you work with chemicals, you know they're dangerous. But the truth is, in many cases, the real dangers of working with chemicals are more subtle and can affect more than those using them.

You need to know the truth about chemicals to protect not only your employees, but the environment and those outside your workplace too.

Keep reading to discover the four real dangers working with chemicals can cause.

Prolonged exposure to chemicals causes the following dangers

Chemicals aren't just dangerous if your employees come into contact with them physically. This is a dangerous workplace hazard, but so is long-term exposure to the chemicals.

Over time, the fumes from chemicals have a dramatic affect on your employees' health, safety and the environment around you.

If one of your employees works with chemicals every day, the fumes could cause lung infections, skin allergies and even eye damage.

These health and environment issues aren't always easy to spot because these problems happen slowly over time.

This is why you must put in safety measures before the chemicals become a problem. You must protect employees and the environment from these four dangers

The chemicals you work with can cause these four dangers

  • Injure your employees (burns, lung problems, skin infections and eye damage);
  • Cause damage to your plant and equipment (chemicals can erode your containers or equipment);
  • Result in damage to your working environment; and
  • Badly affect the community around your workplace (for example, chemicals in the water or soil around your workplace could poison your community).
It's your responsibility to protect people around you from the dangers of chemicals. So do a chemical substance risk assessment regularly to make sure you have the right chemical safety measures in place.

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