Follow these eight steps to compile your OHS budget

An OHS budget is the budget that you must compile as an OHS officer to implement your Health and Safety Programme for the following. Follow these eight steps to compile your OHS budget for the new year.

If you want to implement your Health and Safety Programme successfully, you'll have to compile an OHS budget.

But how do you go about compiling this budget?

Use these eight steps to compile your OHS budget

The Health & Safety Advisor outlines the steps you must follow to compile your OHS budget:

Step #1: Consult with the person compiling the company budget regarding the budget process and the health and safety budget.

Step #2: Clarify whether a separate OHS budget is necessary or whether your budget items will be included in the general budget for the company.

Step #3: Get a copy of the budget format.

Step #4: Work on one budget item at a time and work out what you need to spend on it for the year. The amount you need to spend is the budget amount for the year.

Step #5: If you had a budget for OHS the previous year, check whether you allocated enough money and if not, make sure you increase the amount for your new budget.

Step #6: Discuss the budget you've prepared with your staff as they may have things to add. You'll also find out if they agree with your budget amounts.

Use these eight steps to compile your OHS budget continued...

Step #7: Finalise your Health and Safety Budget

Step #8: Submit your budget to the person who compiles the company budget.

Remember, the success of your Health and Safety Programme largely depends on your OHS budget.

'If budget isn't allocated to a programme, it can't be implemented. Without money for staff, equipment and training, you won't be able to do your job effectively,' says the Health & Safety Advisor. So make sure you follow these steps to compile your OHS budget.

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