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Hand Truck Safety Tips

Hand truck safety can be beneficial in many different work environments. Hand trucks are used to move items that are to heavy to be lifted safely using just your arms and back to lift them. Hand trucks come in different sizes that can hold various weight. It is important to pick a hand truck that can support the item you are trying to move. Use these hand truck safety tips to help reduce back injuries at work.

Top 5 List Of The Best Hand Truck Safety Tips

  1. Never load the hand truck with more than it's maximum weight capacity.
  2. Always tip the item you are loading forward slightly so the hand truck can be slid underneath of it.
  3. If the truck has straps attached to keep the load in place you should use it every time. This will prevent anything from falling off while it is being moved.
  4. You should always push the hand truck forward. The only time you should be pulling or walking backwards while using it is to go up stairs.
  5. Stack the heaviest item on the bottom and the lightest on the top. This will prevent the stack from falling of being squished.
  6. When using a hand truck on a downward incline push the truck in front of you. This will make it easier to control
This hand truck safety tips are a great way to help promote safety in the workplace. Anytime you need to move an object that is to heavy to be lifted safely by a person a hand truck can be very useful. Do you use a hand truck at work? Are there any hand truck safety tips that help you through the day? Please share them with us.

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