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Make Your Own Industrial Safety Checklist

It is very important to follow industrial safety checklist when working at a manufacturing company. There are many dangers present and you should always be prepared for whatever might happen. It is easy to make your own industrial safety checklist.

Tips On Making An Industrial Safety Checklist

All you really need to know is what your top safety concerns are in your workplace. Making a list of your safety concerns is the best place to start when making your own industrial checklist. This will help you decide what should be put on your checklist and what can be left off.

Ideas For Making Your Safety Checklist

This is a sample industrial safety checklist you can use it as a guide to help you start your own checklist.

Personal Safety

  • Is everyone wearing goggles if needed?
  • Are hard hats being worn?
  • Are first aid kits available?
  • Have first aid kits been stocked?

General Safety

  • Are all floors clean and clear of any tripping hazards?
  • Are all fire exits clearly marked?
  • Are emergency contact numbers posted?
  • Is there are clear evacuation plan hanging near all exits?
  • Has fire alarm system been checked and in working condition?

Equipment Safety

  • Is Heavy machinery being operated by trained and licensed employees?
  • Have all machines been examined before being turned on for the day?
  • Is hot working area at least 15 ft away from other areas?
  • Are all areas properly ventilated?
  • Does everyone know lockout/tagout procedures?

Chemical Safety

  • Have any chemicals that are being used been clearly marked for easy identification?
  • Are chemicals being stored correctly
  • Are chemicals being disposed of following OSHA standards?
  • Do you Have MSDS records available?
This is just a small a small sample of an industrial safety checklist. You should use this as a guide or starting place when you make your own industrial safety checklist.

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