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9 Welding Safety Tips To keep An Eye On

Welding is a dangerous job if it is not done correctly. There are whole books on OSHA welding regulations. You can keep safe by following welding safety tips Most steel melts around 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit the flame need to weld is so hot that just looking at it can cause damage to your eyes. That is why is it so important to make sure you are working safe while welding.

List of Welding Safety Tips

  • Never lay down a torch that is still lit. This could result in a fire.
  • Always wear a welding helmet. They are designed to withstand the extreme heat and protect your face. It will also stop any flying pieces of metal from hitting you. The proper way to wear the helmet is snug against your face and it should flip up and down fairly easy so you can lift it when needed.
  • Wear leather work boots. Regular sneakers can burn when the hot metal lands on them.
  • You should also wear protective gloves. Just like your shoes the gloves should be made of leather. Plastic based gloves will just melt in the heat of the flame.
  • Do not look directly at the fire on your torch. Even a second of exposure could cause eye damage.
  • You should never have any exposed skin. Wear long sleeve shirts and pants every time you weld.
  • Have a fire extinguisher close by in case the flame gets out of control.
  • Keep a list of local police, fire departments and hospitals near a phone at all times. During an emergency there is no time to waste looking for the right number to call for help.
  • Make sure any person using welding tools has been properly trained.
Welding can be a great job is you know how to do it correctly. There is no room for mistakes in this type of job. Welding safety tips will help keep you safe and happy. If you have any other welding safety tips that will help us work safely please share them with us. It is everyone's job to think and work safe.

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