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Is your health and safety committee fulfilling these five duties?

If you're up-to-date on OHS regulations, you know you must have a health and safety committee that must work hand-in-hand on safety issues.

This is how you manage your workplace health and safety on a day-to-day basis. If new hazards arise or the DoL puts new regulations in place, you'll discuss them with your committee. Together you'll find a solution to the problem.

But if your health and safety committee doesn't fulfil these five duties they're not doing their job properly.

Who must be on your health and safety committee?

Your managers, health and safety rep and you make up your health and safety committee.

This means managers and representatives can work together to ensure your health and safety programme works.

Together, you have to uphold safety working standards. But to do this, the committee must fulfil these five duties...

Ensure your health and safety committee fulfil these five duties

Your committee must:

1. Initiate

When there's a health and safety issue in your workplace, the committee must initiate the discussion and prevention of this issue;

2. Develop

The committee must work together to develop safety precautions that'll protect all your employees while they're at work.

3. Promote

Together you must promote your workplace health and safety. Lead by example and get all your employees to comply.

4. Maintain

The committee must maintain your health and safety standards.

5. Review

Your committee must review your health and safety programme regularly. This to ensure it complies with OHS regulations and works properly.

If your committee does these five things you'll be able to work together effectively to keep all your employees safe.

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