Five steps to get everyone to follow your Health and Safety Policy

A Health and Safety Policy is evidence of your commitment to creating a work environment that is safe for all. It also demonstrates your willingness to comply with health and safety legislation.

A Health and Safety Policy turns a lot of attention towards health and safety aspects in your businesses. And, you could very well see an increase in productivity as your work environment is safe and allows for greater work efficiency and effectiveness.

Once you've implemented a Health and Safety Policy, here are five steps you can use to ensure employees follow it:

Step#1: Make sure all of your employees are trained on the content of your Health and Safety policy and they're aware of its intentions.

Step#2: Display the policy permanently so all employees can see it. You can do this by displaying it on notice board/s.

Step#3: Make your policy available to all who are interested and believe in it. This could, in turn,create a culture of health and safety in the community around your business and can lead to even greater productivity for you.

Step#4: Introduce a management system that includes health and safety in all areas.

Step#5: Train your employees so they're not only aware of your policy, but they're also aware of all legal obligations with regard to health and safety.

So there are five practical steps to ensure all your employees stick to your Health and Safety Policy

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Alexandr Grigorev


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