Five tips for your Health and Safety Committee meetings

Your Health and Safety Committee is in place to promote, initiate, develop and maintain all areas relating to health and safety in the workplace. Health and Safety Committee meetings are important because they're where inspectors, staff, management and consultants discuss various health and safety issues that will require the above-mentioned functions of the Health and Safety Committee. Here are five tips for your Health and Safety Committee meetings

1. Get committed:

Every Health and Safety Committee member must be committed to the entire Health and Safety Programme - including its meetings.

2. Be prepared:

Don't leave it to the very last minute! Prepare for your meetings. This can only lead to effectiveness and efficiency in Health and Safety Committee which will in turn lead to better health and safety in the workplace.

3. Attend the meetings:

Encourage full attendance to all Health and Safety Committee meetings. Failure to do so can lead to a sense of no commitment and could create slack in workplace health and safety. This is the last thing you want as it can ultimately lead to an unwanted incident in the workplace.

4. Work according to the agenda:

The chairperson must stick to the agenda. This will ensure structure and efficiency in meetings.

5. Introduce props and visuals in meetings:

Introducing props and visuals (such as pictures and videos) will enhance attention in meetings that could lead to more productive health and safety.

So there you have it - five practical tips for enhancing your and Safety Committee meetings.

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Alexandr Grigorev


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