Safety at Work

How to Lift Objects Safely

How to avoid workplace injuries with careful workplace ergonomics and specifically working techniques and lifting procedures in your workplace.

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Workplace injuries can occur if you do not properly follow these guidelines. Perform your workplace tasks in the proper way to reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

Lifting posture, keep your stomach muscles tense to keep your back straight while you are standing, lifting, or walking.

Keep a solid grip on object you are attempting to pick up making sure you have good hold of the thing you are lifting at all times.

Avoid lifting objects over your head as raising heavy objects above the head can put excess pressure on the back. In order to avoid this you should use a ladder to stock shelves that are higher than your lifting range. No matter what you have to lift, if you have to put it in a high place, make sure to use a safety ladder. Avoid workplace safety injuries by employing the proper techniques.

Some other examples where you would want to be aware of the proper way to lift something, or workplace lifting techniques, are lifting water jugs safely, bags, and if you are lifting objects that are too heavy, you should always get assistance from a co-worker or use something like a jack or a hand cart / truck to help you lift safely. Remember there is certain equipment that you need a license to operate so make sure to inquire with your employer before hopping on your favorite truck.

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