Use 2 tips to enhance communication regarding your company's policies and procedures

Let's say you have an employee who's sleeping on the job (on a platform), he takes a tumble, injuring himself badly.

His family vow to sue you for everything you have!

But wait a minute! He was sleeping on the job! How's that your fault?

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as that! They can sue you, and the chances are they will.

So in order to protect yourself, you have to make sure you do the following

Communication is vital!

When it comes to all your company's policies and procedures, you need to effectively communicate them to all your staff.

So, in this case, all you need to show is that your disciplinary code clearly lists sleeping as a disciplinary offence and that this policy was clearly communicated to the employee.

If you do this, the chances of the employee's case being successful are virtually 0%!

But failure to do this will more than likely lead to you losing!

So what can you do to enhance the communication of your policies and procedures?

Here are 2 tips you can use to enhance communication regarding your company's policies and procedures...

Tip#1: Hold training talks for your staff on your policies and procedures

Hold training talks on the contents of your policies and procedures.

For example, you can hold a 'toolbox' talk on the dangers of sleeping on the job, and how to prevent it from happening in the workplace (such as getting adequate sleep, exercise etc.).

Tip#2: Make your policies and procedures readily available for all employees.

Try and get your employees to sign copies of them to show they have read and understood its contents.

Remember that your policies and procedures should be laid out in a way that's easy for all your employees to understand. If you don't do this, all your policies and procedures will mean nothing!

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Alexandr Grigorev


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