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Three essential duties your Health and Safety Supervisors must perform

Your company's Health and Safety Supervisors are crucial when it comes to health and safety management. They're essentially your right hand men. But it's your job to make sure they're aware of these three duties. If they are, you'll be able to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and avoid harsh penalties

In this article, we gave you four duties that your Health and Safety Supervisors must comply with.

We're now going to you three additional duties thy need to do

If you want to comply with the OHSA, make sure your Health &Safety Supervisors are aware of their three additional responsibilities

#1: They must understand the functions and duties of health and safety representatives

Your management and your supervisors must be aware of the functions and duties of health and safety representatives.

If the supervisor isn't aware of the purpose of health and safety representatives and their relationship with management, you'll fail at your goal of preventing accidents/incidents at work.

It's also important that your Health &Safety Supervisors are aware of the fact that the health and safety representative has legal powers that he can use.

He's allowed to:

  • Review the effectiveness of health and safety measures;
  • Identify potential hazards and incidents;
  • Examine causes of incidents;
  • Investigate workers' health and safety complaints;
  • Make representations to you, your health and safety committee or an inspector about the above issues;
  • Make representations to you about general health and safety issues;
  • Inspect the workplace;
  • Consult with and participate in inspections with inspectors;
  • Receive information from inspectors;
  • Attend health and safety committee meetings;
  • Visit the sites of accidents and attend inspections;
  • Attend investigations and formal enquiries;
  • Inspect any document the employer has to keep;
  • Accompany an inspector on any inspection;
  • Be accompanied by a technical advisor with your approval; and
  • Participate in any internal health and safety audit.

#2: Health and Safety Supervisors must know how to display substitute notices and signs

Supervisors must also know what signs your company is required to display and where you must place them.

These form part of health and safety rules and regulations. They must also be aware that all employees must have the meanings of these safety signs explained to them.

#3: Make sure your Health &Safety Supervisors are familiar with General Safety Regulations

They must be able to identify risks to health and safety.

They should remove such risks or moderate them to an acceptable level. Where this isn't possible, they must provide protective clothing and equipment to workers and other people affected by the activities.

It's up to you to make sure your Health and Safety Supervisors are doing their job

There you have it. Now that you know all the duties for Health and Safety Supervisors, make sure they comply. It's the only way to fully comply with the OHSA, protect workers and avoid harsh penalties.

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